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Five Advantages of CIPP Repair

Commercial property owners and managers are turning to CIPP repair to eliminate the hassle of traditional pipeline repair for their business. A fully functioning sewer system is important for business in several ways. But, root intrusion, aging pipelines, ground movement, and calcification can damage pipes and require costly repairs that disrupt the way your business functions.

Cured-in-Place Pipe, or CIPP, is a cost-effective alternative to traditional pipeline repair. With epoxy resins, experts in CIPP repair can create a pipe, within the existing pipe. And, CIPP repair provides the same structural strength as traditional excavation methods to lay a brand-new pipe. This safe alternative is gaining popularity as business owners are educated on the advantages of CIPP repair.


The cost savings to CIPP repair has both short and long-term advantages. The streamlined installation process reduces the cost of labor associated with traditional pipe repair. And, without the labor costs of digging, CIPP repair is much more inexpensive. Additionally, restorative landscaping is usually needed after digging. This is one of the most expensive parts of pipe repair when you use excavation methods.


CIPP repair eliminates damage to floors, structures, sidewalks, interior walls, landscape, and streets. Not only does it make the area around your business safer, it keeps you and the workers involved safe as well. Since CIPP repair is done completely underground, without excavation or large-scale pipe digging, it does not have the same risk associated with traditional pipe repair. And, it also serves to protect those in the area from asbestos, mold exposure, and exposure to harmful natural elements.


With CIPP repair, any pipe repair needed can be fixed. Age deterioration, root or plant intrusion, cracking and fracturing, corrosion, and damage from a faulty installation are the leading causes of pipe damage. This leaves a huge range of issues that could need to be repaired. CIPP has the advantage of being able to repair any kind of pipe. Multiple angles and bends don’t hinder effectiveness. And, even large buildings, municipal pipe systems, and complex sewer systems benefit from CIPP repair.


The rise of technology has made it possible to create a range of trenchless options for CIPP repair. Manhole to manhole lining serves as a simpler way to fix municipal pipe systems. Even smaller pipe damage, such as corrosion or cracking in one area, benefits from CIPP through sectional point repair.


The epoxy resins used in CIPP repair, cure in the pipes. This forms a new, solid wall coating that will last for decades. The process of CIPP repair is completed in a matter of hours instead of over a longer period. This noninvasive alternative to traditional pipe repair leads to less overhead, lower costs, and a more efficient way to solve the problem without creating chaos.

Expensive and destructive pipeline repair is a topic of the past, as the use of technology has created an alternative way to fix damage without digging and excavating. CIPP repair will fix your underground pipe issues without causing your business to skip a beat. With CIPP, you will have peace of mind that your pipeline repairs are completed without interruption to your daily operations. Let CIPP repair solve your sewer system problems and save your business time and money.