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If you are hoping to repair your pipes with trenchless pipelining you will need a high quality video inspection. Phoenix Pipe Lining Inc. uses the best sewer cameras in the industry producing clear footage as well as recording key information regarding your pipes. When performing a sewer inspection we take note of the diameter of the pipe, any diameter changes, length of pipe, as well as the number of branch connections. The video inspection of your sewer lines also helps us determine exactly where cracks, roots, and other problems may be. Such information is required for creating a lining proposal as well as for ordering the correct material.  Typically, a video is made before and after any work is done. The inspection video is shown to the property owner to verify completion of the work agreed upon.

After Phoenix Pipe Lining Inc. performs the initial video inspection of your plumbing system, we will provide you with a copy of the video, a not-to-scale drawing of your plumbing system, and a report of the problem areas in your pipes. We ensure that you will know exactly what is wrong with your pipes and where the problems exist.

Video inspection of sewer and storm water drainage lines is a necessary step in identifying the problems and solutions in aging or damaged pipes. Similar to an x-ray from the doctor, you want the highest quality of equipment to be used when you are seeking to identify and resolve issues associated with defective pipes. Phoenix Pipe Lining Inc. has high definition color cameras with “self-leveling” capabilities, ensuring that any problems in the piping system will be evident once the footage is digitally recorded and copied to a DVD for your personal review. You will be able to clearly see where any cracks, root intrusions, or other problems may be in the sewer or storm water drainage system.

We will review the video footage with you to give you a step-by-step proposal to resolve any issues that we have identified.

F.A.Q. - I already had a video inspection done, can you use it?

In most cases, we need to perform our own sewer video inspections prior to providing a pipe lining estimate due to the nature of the lining process. In order for us to create an accurate lining proposal and install the material correctly the video footage:

  • must be a clear
  • must be in color, not black & white
  • if necessary, a jetter must be used to remove loose debris and water out of the pipe
  • must show any diameter changes
  • must record the length of the pipe
  • most show the number of branch connections

Most video inspections from conventional plumbing companies do not meet the criteria listed above. However, if you believe that your video does meet these requirements we would be more than happy to review it.

Ready to move forward with a video inspection of your plumbing system? Give us a call at 905•922•3465 or 416•710•4509 and we will be happy to assist you.